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$10.00 USD

Dollce Doll brings you One Shot Sachets. The Highest Quality Rapid Lash Lift & Brow Lamination Sachets on the market! Our Sachets can be used for both services, please follow the guidelines for different setting times.

Speedy, Rapid Lifting times 🧚🏼‍♀️ One Shot Sachets = No wastage! Included is 5 or 10 Sachets. 
Step 1. Instructions on back of packaging. Use 1 sachet per 1-2 customers. 

Directions For Use

▪️Sanitise Hands ▪️Remove all traces of makeup from eye area using Dollce doll shampoo, rinse lash area with warm water & dry▪️Apply eyepads to protect under eye skin▪️Select correct size rod/shield and Apply a thin layer of lash lifting adhesive to the back of the shield to help it adhere to the lid and keep Lashes in place. Starting from the outer eye apply a thin line of lift adhesive to the top of the shield. Using the lash lift tool roll and wrap the the lashes firmly around the shield in the direction you would like them to set encouraging them to stay in position. Any Lashes lifting from the rod apply another small amount of lift adhesive to that area and press the lash up and hold to adhere.

  1. Step 1 -  Apply a thin coat of #1 (Lift Me) using a microfibre brush along the lash line, root area. Do not get in eyes or apply to the whole lash to avoid frizzing the ends of the lashes. Leave on for appropriate time 

    Processing Time :
    ▪️Fine Lashes minutes 3-4 minutes▪️Healthy natural lashes 4-5 minutes ▪️course healthy brows 5-6 minutes (we recommend under processing first time clients until you get to know their processing times)
    Then remove using a clean cotton bud.

  2.  Step 2: apply a small amount of #2 (Set Me) to where #1 (Lift Me) was applied using a micro applicator.
    Processing time :
    ▪️5-8 minutes (follow step #1)
    Then remove with a clean cotton bud removing all setting lotion.
    ▪️Optional now to tint
    Dip a wet cotton pad in warm water pressing gently on the eye and stroke the shield away from the eye

  3. Step 3: Apply #3 (Nourish Me) to hydrate, strengthen and regrowth using a micro applicator. Note: oil may interfere with tint if tinted lashes. 

▪️Wipe around eye area & brush with mascara wand

WARNING ⚠️ : For Professional Use Only. You must assess the strength of the eyelashes and adjust accordingly as leaving step 1 & 2 on for too long can frizz and split the lash hairs leaving them damaged if left on too long. 

Patch test required 24-48 hours prior to treatment. If any irritation or inflammation is caused do not proceed with treatment.