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Swimming around in this beautiful White and Gold Bottle lies our Amazing and most sourced after Super Bonder in the industry only few leading brand can get their hands on, this quality can't be beaten and we now have brought it to you, our Dolls.

The main features you won't be able to live without are below.
- Designed for unfavourable humidity conditions.
Have you ever experienced change of glue properties during application? If conditions in the room changes your glue properties will change as well. Our Superbonder will help your glue dry faster when humidity is too low or too high

- Cures lash adhesive in just 3 minutes
in just 3 minutes our Superbonder cures any lash adhesive from the inside out, forget waiting the standard 24 hours for lash adhesive to dry, meaning your clients have less worries of where they can and can't go right after their lash app, they can head straight to the pool if they like.

- Increases lash retention by up to 30%
Our Superbonder is designed to push humidity out of the adhesive surface of the glue. So When applied to glue bonding area, Superbonder strengthens the bond between the adhesive and the natural lash, which works to extend retention up to 30% longer!

- Reduces irritation & sensitivity.
What many people don't know is that adhesive, long after it's cured can release toxins.
Because our Superbonder cures lash adhesive instantly, it significantly reduces the amount and duration of toxic fumes. This means your client will suffer less red, watery eyes and won't experience any burning or discomfort And because of the reduced exposure, the chance of developing an allergy is significantly reduced.

  1. Once you've completed the eyelash treatment, squeeze 1 small drop of Superbonder lash Sealant onto a microfibre brush and carefully apply at the bottom 2-3mm of the eyelash set (adhesive area). Make sure to apply only a small drop of the product to avoid getting it into the client's eye, which may cause eye irritation and/or stinging. 
  2. Allow the product to dry for 1-2 minutes. 
  3. Remove the eyepatches and let the client open their eyes.